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My Coaching Philosophy


I'm a woman of faith, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I help women of all faiths build their faith as they work to overcome pain, past trauma, anxiety, and limiting beliefs about themselves. I help them explore areas of their faith they are struggling with, with compassion, curiosity, and love.

I help women of faith believe in themselves and in their ability to access wisdom and power from within to embrace healing, love themselves unconditionally, handle any challenge, live powerfully, and improve any relationship. 

I help women break free from the pain of their past that continues to show up in their present. I help them take back their power as they shed the victim of their past. I help them create self confidence to face life head on, set healthy boundaries, and intentionally create what they want in their lives.

Let's get started. If you haven't had a free consultation, start here. It includes a free coaching session. We will explore where you are and where you want to be and course a clear path to get you there. You will get an individual coaching session with me that will help you gain skills to use in your life. You will be able to decide if we are a good fit to move forward with coaching. 

Free Consult Coaching Session

Need emergency coaching? Or do you just want one 30 or 60 minute private coaching session? I'm here for you! I can help you! Click here to purchase and schedule a coaching session.

60 Minute Private Coaching Session

Discover the joy of coaching and experience the power of self coaching. Become more YOU by creating it intentionally. This program is for women who want to rise up and live in a bold new way. It's for women who want to take themselves to the next level. For women who want to be the hero of their own stories and who LOVE themselves with purpose. 

Truly You Self-Coaching Program
This program has changed me. I feel confident and strong. I love myself now, where before I didn’t. I still have work to do, but this program has helped me see it’s possible to love me, to love my life. It’s possible to create the life I want! It’s possible to show up as a more present, kind, and loving wife and mother. I don’t feel weighed down with self loathing or shame anymore. And it all came from inside me. I just needed some help to see it. It’s possible! Julie was real, honest and kind in giving me the tools to create a powerful, meaningful life. I now feel like I can continue the work of creating what I want, with hope for the future.

~ Jessica Sunderhaus

This is a private coaching membership program. It will take you from merely functioning in your life to literally thriving in it. The most powerful part of this program is that these tools will be put in your hands to establish your own mental and emotional wellness for a lifetime.

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Are you ready to get the results you desire most with you and me your corner? If the answer is yes, let's chat. Here is an opportunity to ask me all of your questions in writing. Want to find out if coaching is the best fit for you? If you've had coaching in the past with me and you are ready for more, let's chat. We will create a coaching plan that fits your needs. 
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