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My Coaching Philosophy

I help LDS women overcome pain, post-therapy past trauma, perfectionism, unhealthy relationships, and anxiety. I help them explore pain points in their faith related to past trauma with compassion, curiosity, and love.

I help women break free from the pain of their past that continues to show up in their present. I help them take back their power as they shed the victim of their past. I help them create self-trust and self-confidence to face life head on, set healthy boundaries, stop people pleasing, and intentionally create what they want in their lives. I teach them how to live powerfully and improve any relationship.

I help my clients believe in themselves and in their ability to access wisdom and power from within to embrace healing, love themselves unconditionally, and handle any challenge.

I work one on one with my clients and build each session off the last. I help them recognize the patterns in their lives creating the results they currently have and how to create the results they desire most.

I offer a six month 1 to 1 coaching program to become the TRUE You. I offer a way past the pain, the trauma, and unhealthy relationships to discover the YOU, you were always meant to be.

I also have a membership program including 1 to 1 coaching sessions and coaching classes every month to support you on your journey.

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This weekly 1:1 coaching PROGRAM will help you step into your power. The power of who you truly are. I offer a way past the pain, the past, and unhealthy relationships including your relationship with you to discover the YOU, you were always meant to be. Looking for emotional relief? It's time for a NEW relationship with You. Want to get on the interest list, click here. Start this journey by booking a free introductory call. My programs will be tailored perfectly to you and this call is part of that tailoring process.

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The difference between my program and my membership is they are intended to meet you at different places along your journey.

The Truly You Program is the jumpstart to this journey. It will help you step into the power of who you truly are one skill, one tool, one practice at a time. It is intended to take you from where you are and to bridge the gap to where you want to be. It is custom tailored to you. You will learn specific, simple yet impactful skills to practice to get you there. It will be transformative and freeing.

The membership comes after the program to continue to support you along your journey moving you along powerfully. As humans we will always want to get somewhere new, grow, progress, and have more. It's a good thing. It's what keeps us moving forward. This membership gives you continued support and will help you grow and expand your toolbox. You will practice and gain the skills needed to help you to continue navigating back to who you truly are and the power within you to get there. 

If you have completed any of my programs, you are eligible to join this membership. Join today by clicking the Truly You Membership picture at the bottom of your weekly Mindful Monday email. Then, click on any gold button on that page to learn more and to register.

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Let's get started. If you haven't had a free introductory call, start here. My programs will be tailored perfectly to you and this call is part of that tailoring process. Coaching has been life changing for me and my clients.  It's your time to move forward in a powerful way. You'll learn how to create your life with intention by practicing simple, doable skills that make a huge impact on your life. I can show you how. 
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Are you ready to get the results you desire most with you and me your corner? If the answer is yes, let's chat. Here is an opportunity to ask me all of your questions in writing. Want to find out if coaching is the best fit for you? If you've had coaching in the past with me and you are ready for more, let's chat. We will create a coaching plan that fits your needs. 
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