I know first hand how hard relationships can be especially after experiencing trauma. One of the problems is we get stuck in unhealthy patterns with the people we love the most. Doing the same things, expecting different results is the definition of insanity. It's time to do something new. I will help you break down and simplify ALL of it to help you see your ability to change your side of these patterns and create new heathy ones. I will help you discover what is keeping you from the love, peace, and connection you are desperately wanting. The solution is within reach. You are capable of getting there. Creating resilience within your relationships will help you bounce back to your inner peace more quickly when issues do arise. You will feel confident in yourself and your life, and you will become your own safe harbor making the changes you want to see.


Step into who you truly are, the hero of your story. It's time for a NEW relationship with YOU that will positively effect every other relationship in your life. This private one on one coaching program will help you rediscover YOU after trauma which will allow you to show up in your relationships more grounded and anchored than ever before. I'll teach you how to be intentional and how to get off of the emotional roller coaster in your relationships and at the same time create more connection. The Truly You, Relational Resilience Program will help you step into the power of who you truly are one skill, one tool, one practice at a time to create the relationships you want most. Rediscover YOU and your relationships after trauma.

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Let's get started with a free introductory Zoom coaching session and consult. You will experience first hand what it is like to be coached by me and I will show you what will be possible for you investing in yourself by coaching with me. This will be the start of your journey in becoming your own safe harbor, developing relationship resilience, and turning your trauma and difficulties in relationships into growth building an even stronger foundation. I will tailor my program to you and this call is part of that tailoring process. You will discover how working with me will give you a renewed sense of hope.
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Are you ready to get the results you desire most with you¬†and me in your corner? If the answer is yes, let's chat.¬†Here is an opportunity to ask¬†me all of your questions in writing. Want to find out if coaching is the best fit for you? If you've had coaching in the past with me and you are ready for more, let's chat. We will create a coaching plan that fits your needs. You can also email me at [email protected]


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