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I am the Emotional Relief Coach for moms. My clients learn how to create relief for themselves, confidently move forward, and start thriving in their lives.

Welcome! I'm Julie, a certified life coach!

I'm am a woman of faith, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a wife, and a mother of four. I've been on a journey of healing, empowerment, and of deepening my love and belief in God and in myself.

Just like you, I’ve dealt with many challenges in my life including unhealthy, abusive family relationships, sexual abuse, people pleasing, struggles in marriage, and struggles of self worth and trusting in myself. I have dealt with trauma from the past being triggered in my current life and the resulting fear out of proportion to what was happening at that time in my life.

I sought therapy that has helped me overcome the trauma of my past. I still didn't have the tools to keep it there. It wasn't until I hired a life coach that my life completely changed for the better. I went from living my life as a victim and in emotional distress to being empowered to face life head on! I gained the emotional relief I sought. I felt like I was in the driver seat for the first time in my life instead of being at the mercy of the people and the world around me.

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Where our POWER lies

So often we focus on changing the things we have zero control over but all that does is set us up for disappointment. As much as we wish we could, we can’t control people or things outside of us. When we redirect our focus back to us, how we choose to respond, show up for ourselves, and use the power within us to create our lives, we thrive! We become empowered in a world we can’t control and we create the experience we want regardless.

WISDOM from within

We have untapped wisdom within us. Sometimes the limiting beliefs we have of ourselves keeps the lens we see through narrowly focused and we miss the bird’s eye view. Our brains are powerful and very similar to a computer running default “software.” If we believe we are “not enough,” it’s as if we are using a “search engine” on that topic for our brain. Our brain diligently filters out all the ways we might consider ourselves “enough” looking with laser-like focus for the evidence we seek. We miss out on all the ways we are enough and an accurate picture of what is true about us. It's time to break free from your default setting and find the wisdom from within.


Combining the power of our brain and being intentional in what we choose to believe about ourselves can be life changing! Some of the beliefs we have about ourselves and the world around us are not true and limit us and can even keep us from moving forward. Questioning and redirecting our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves can completely change the experience we have for the better. Two beliefs I know about you that are absolutely true "You are 100% lovable" and "You are worth it!"

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"I will forever be grateful for Julie’s coaching. I had been to a therapist and left utterly discouraged as I was given no tools or exercises to help me work through and get out of negative thought processes. I was offered medications as a first resort and felt completely discouraged. My experience with Julie was truly life changing. With her guidance on a few struggles I was having she gave me tools to kinder, more empowering thoughts toward myself and others. While she helped me navigate through a few challenges, I have been able to apply the skills learned daily. I am so grateful for her!!"

Rebecca Moore

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