Coaching Helps

I am committed to helping my clients create more healthy, resilient relationships especially for their relationship with themselves. Search this page for my coaching helps just for you.

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"Daily Self- Reflection & Gratitude Journaling Page"

I have created a "Daily Reflection & Gratitude" Journaling Page for you. Start feeling more connected to yourself and to the good in your life.
There are so many studies that show that gratitude improves mental health. It helps us see the abundance in our lives as well as the balance of it. Practicing gratitude helps to tune our eyes and focus on what you do have especially hard times. 
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"The Secret to Productive Communication" Part 1

This will help you create and commit to productive conversational rules that will be a game changer for you and your relationships.

Deciding ahead of time how you will communicate and what you will and will not participate in during conversations will help you become more intentional about creating healthy, productive conversational patterns within your relationships.

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"The Power of "I" Statements" Part 2

Learn how to communicate effectively using "|" statements that creates a non-threatening, open, connection building way to communicate.

It helps keep accusations and defensiveness from hijacking the conversation.

And as you practice to communicate more effectively, you will feel more confident communicating even about the most difficult topics.

Part 2 will be emailed a few days after you get part 1. 

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How to teach & protect your children from sexual abuse 

This is a suggested list of things you can do to teach and protect your children from becoming a statistic of sexual abuse. I have accumulated these over the years from my own experience and from the experience of others.

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