Coaching With Me

The coaching concepts, skills, and tools I've learned have been exactly what I was searching for to move myself forward in a powerfully way. I grew my toolbox and became resilient in my life.
I became a life coach so I could share these powerful tools with women that are in the place I used to be...on the emotional rollercoaster desperate for healthy relationships after trauma. Women who are trying to control others to feel better leaving them feeling more helpless than ever when they don’t comply. Women who would like to rediscover their true self after trauma and develop a relationship they can truly rely on. Women who want to tap into their ability to create the peace, connection, confidence, and joy that is accessible to them. Focusing on what my clients can control is the key to solving all of the problems in their lives. If this is YOU, my goal is to help you create safety by developing skills of resilience and an abundance and growth mindset. This will enable you to bounce back and confidently handle any difficulty you are facing.
About Me
After hiring a life coach, I was able to create a huge transformation in my life. I have taken my unhealthy, no contact relationships and turned them into thriving relationships starting with my relationship with myself. I went from being desperate for emotional relief to being in charge of my emotional wellness. I went from doubting myself and my abilities to having my own back to living powerfully and knowing I can handle whatever challenges come my way. I have become a woman who loves unconditionally especially with ME. I've created more connection and closeness in my relationships by taking better care of myself and my needs.
And you can too! I can show you how.  


What 's the difference between therapy and coaching?

You can receive amazing results from both therapy and coaching.
Finding the right therapist and treatment can produce amazing results and can take a person from non-functioning to functioning. This can help with past trauma or mental health issues someone is dealing with.

A coach that fits an individual’s needs can take a person from functioning to thriving. It will give them the tools to start driving the results they want and teach them how to tap into the most amazing tool they already have, their brain.

Knowing which is a better fit is important and it depends on where you currently are.

There are plenty of people that will never need a therapist in their lifetime, but it’s my opinion that coaching will benefit anyone with a human brain.

Understanding how our brains work and intentionally harnessing it to create the results we want is one of the most powerful things we will ever do.


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