About Me

Six years ago, I found myself weighed down by past trauma. I was really struggling from the abuse I had experienced and the fact that it had not been faced within my family.
I was completely consumed with grief and pain. My family had become a battle ground. 
I desperately needed healing and as a result I chose to physically distance myself from unhealthy relationships within my family and seek help. I needed to do what was best for me.
Cutting contact with my family brought conflict within my marriage. We were both struggling, unable to reach each other from a place of love.
I felt devastated and alone. My husband and I started therapy individually and together. Therapy was a beautiful experience for me. I needed it desperately
My progression started to slow and I still felt ill equipped to maintain the progress I'd made. I still couldn't keep my past at bay and I felt extremely discouraged. As much as I’d progressed, I felt like I was never going to get out from under it all.
I found Coaching at just the right time! It’s exactly what I needed to maintain and propel me forward! It completely transformed my life! It was a complete game changer!
I also struggled with anger towards my family and God. Through my journey, my faith and belief in God and my Savior grew exponentially. However, my faith and belief in myself did not. It was a missing piece. 
It wasn’t until I found coaching that I learned my relationship with myself was causing me a lot of pain and as a result wasn’t taking care of myself the way I needed me to.
What I didn't know was my experiences and struggles were leading me on the path I needed to be on. One that felt unstable yet led me to seek the tools and the education that made all the difference for me.
Me Before Coaching:
  • I was in so much pain and emotional distress. I spent so much time thinking about how to change my family. 
  • I felt alone, misunderstood, and unloved. 
  • I tried to change everyone else. I blamed them for my problems and for my emotions
  • I people pleased everyone. I pretended and lied to try to control what others would think and feel about me. I sacrificed my needs for others but blamed it on them. I didn’t trust myself.  
  • I saw myself as a victim, helpless to my circumstances. I felt so unsafe.
  • I believed if I could be perfect, I’d feel better. I beat myself up for my failures.
  • I believed my mind was a scary place so I would keep myself distracted. I believed I was screwed up and not good enough. I struggled to understand why my family could care about me or love me.
  • I ran from my feelings and ended up escaping the precious parts of my life as well. I felt guilty as a mother and a wife.
  • I didn’t know how to create healthy boundaries to create relationships 
  • I dealt with a ton of shame and hid out in my life.
Coaching gave me the tools I needed to manage my life with confidence. I learned to access the power and wisdom within to create a life I love! 

Me After Coaching:
  • I have overcome the pain and trauma of my past. I have done the work to separate the lies from the truth.
  • I work too see the pattern of perfectionism and people pleasing and am committed to choosing what’s best for me.
  • I embrace all of me, my amazing parts and my messy parts. I accept my humanness as a gift making growth possible.
  • I’m grateful for my past and my failed attempts. Without them, I would be the person I am today. I’m grateful for the wisdom and growth I’ve gained
  • I don’t need to change others to feel better. I take accountability for my needs and my happiness.
  • I confidently move forward. I stopped blaming people including myself. I shed the victim of my past and can handle anything that comes along.
  • I know how to create healthy relationships. I make requests and set boundaries to take care of myself and my needs. This creates more love and connection in my relationships especially in my relationship with me.
  • I accept myself as I am and I love myself to where I’m going. 
  • I have learned what it means to really team up with God to powerful create in my life. Together with God, I use my agency to be the hero of my story.
  • I know my worth is set and there’s nothing I can do to change it. It was given to me. What happened to me, my circumstances, and what I do cannot change that. 
  • I know how my brain works and I know how to use it to create the results I want most. My thoughts (sentences in my mind) create my feelings and my feelings drive my actions, and my actions create my results. What I think, I create. I use my greatest tool to be a powerful creator in my life.
  • I have created a new relationship with my emotions. I see them as information. They are my guidance system. I know how to allow, regulate, and generate emotions to drive the action I want to take.
  • I have passion, purpose, and I am choosing to go after my dreams.
  • I meet myself where I am with love and curiosity. I've become my own best friend.

The relationship I now have with myself is the most precious thing I have gained! 

My relationship with my husband and family member are so much sweeter and full of love. 

I feel empowered and motivated to keep moving forward. 

As a certified life coach, I can help you transform your life, tackle every problem, and show you how to feel self confident no matter what life throws at you.


YOUR time is now. I can show you how!

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