My Story from Victim to Hero

I was really struggling in my life and in my most of my relationships

I had been sexually abused as a child,

And knew first hand what is was like to be brought up within a generational, perpetuating culture of abuse.

I was struggling with how my family continued to deal with the abuse.

Resisting and avoiding my trauma wasn't working anymore.

It was bubbling up inside of me no longer willing to be contained.


Visiting or speaking to my family was overwhelmingly painful.

I was consumed by the trauma and re-traumatization I was experiencing.

All the unresolved trauma, people pleasing, sacrificing of my needs, perfectionism, lack of boundaries and self care, lack of safety, and unhealthy relationships had taken its toll.

I tried to desperately change my family to create the safety I needed.

Nothing changed.

I walked away to go get help.

Therapy was a pivotal point in my life. I was finally working through and processing my trauma as the victim

It was something I desperately needed.

It so helpful and I felt less consumed by my past trauma.

And then, I hit a wall.

I went as far as I could go in therapy.

I still was stuck unable to move forward. 

I didn't have the skills I needed to be intentional in creating what I wanted in my life.

I hired a life coach and knew right away that this was the next step I needed after therapy.

I learned and developed the skills necessary to confidently move forward.

I learned how to show up for myself, have my own back, trust myself again, prioritize my needs and not sacrifice them for others, accept my humanness, and create healthy relationships

I became my own hero.

I became intentional in my life.

I choose to stop authoring myself as the victim, powerless and helpless.

I stepped into the power of who I truly am,

The ONE I needed to create the change I wanted to see.

The ONE to create safety.

The ONE to take care of my needs and to opt out of any unhealthy situation.

The ONE I needed to trust to practice and develop new skills,

Follow through on healthy boundaries

And practice healthy habits and patterns.

Everything I was desperate for others to do for me, was the exact formula I needed from within...

From me.

I needed ME to create new healthy patterns.

I needed ME to check in, see myself clearly, hear, validate, understand, manage my brain, process my feelings, give compassion, care, and unconditionally love ME.

When I focused on what was within my control, and understood and implemented how my brain works, I became empowered,


And free from feeling helpless and powerless in my life.

This allows me to create my own safety in any setting I walk into even within my family that I hadn’t seen for almost 6 years. 

I was the one to create peaceconfidence, and joy in my life,

And I bring that with me in any setting and in any situation.

I became the hero of my story.

And I became a life coach to help YOU develop the skills to become the hero of yours.

I can help you create a relationship with yourself that you absolutely cherish and that allows you to have the relationship you’ve always wanted with others.

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