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I help women create safe, healthy, resilient relationships after trauma.

Resilience is the skill of bouncing back in your relationships no matter what you face. Not only will I teach you how to bounce back, I will teach you how to grow and make your relationships even stronger as a result of the trauma you've experienced. I help my clients break FREE, so that they can become the HERO of their story.

I teach women how to create healthy, connected, loving relationships after trauma by rediscovering & anchoring to their TRUE selves, authoring themselves as the hero of their story, & developing the skills to bounce back and intentionally create the change they want to see.

I help women like you discover the real reason they are on an emotional rollercoaster in their relationships. I teach them how to take their power back and focus on the part of their relationships they CAN control. I teach them how to process and regulate their emotions as well as befriend their nervous system. I teach them to heal every relationship they have by healing their relationships with themselves. I teach them how to become their own best friend and be the one that creates their own safe harbor within their relationships. I guide them towards being the one to give themselves the very things they desperately want from others. I help them trust themselves and their inner wisdom to know what's best for them even if that means letting unhealthy relationships go. I teach them how to turn problems in their relationships into strengths by focusing on the solutions creating stronger foundations for their relationships that brings them closer to the ones they love.

About Coaching

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Where our POWER lies

So often we focus on changing the things we have zero control over but all that does is set us up for disappointment. As much as we wish we could, we can’t control people or things outside of us. When we redirect our focus back to us, how we choose to respond, show up for ourselves, and use the power within us to create our lives, we thrive! We become empowered in a world we can’t control and we create the experience we want regardless.

WISDOM from within

We have untapped wisdom within us. Sometimes the limiting beliefs we have of ourselves keeps the lens we see through narrowly focused and we miss the bird’s eye view. Our brains are powerful and very similar to a computer running default “software.” If we believe we are “not enough,” it’s as if we are using a “search engine” on that topic for our brain. Our brain diligently filters out all the ways we might consider ourselves “enough” looking with a laser-like focus for the evidence we seek. We miss out on all the ways we are enough and an accurate picture of what is true about us. It's time to break free from your default setting and find the wisdom from within. 


Combining the power of our brain and being intentional in what we choose to believe about ourselves can be life changing! Some of the beliefs we have about ourselves and the world around us are not true and limit us and can even keep us from moving forward. Questioning and redirecting our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves can completely change the experience we have for the better. Two beliefs I know about you that are absolutely true "You are 100% lovable" and "You are worth it!"

Work with Me

"I will forever be grateful for Julie’s coaching. I had been to a therapist and left utterly discouraged as I was given no tools or exercises to help me work through and get out of negative thought processes. I was offered medications as a first resort and felt completely discouraged. My experience with Julie was truly life changing. With her guidance on a few struggles I was having she gave me tools to kinder, more empowering thoughts toward myself and others. While she helped me navigate through a few challenges, I have been able to apply the skills learned daily. I am so grateful for her!!"

Rebecca Moore
Mother & Nurse

"It's been incredible to have someone to coach my son through the hard tween phase of self-doubt and low self-esteem. He's learned so much about how his thoughts can create the results he wants in life."

Mother of 12 yr old Jack

"I loved coaching more than I thought I would. I was grateful to have Julie to talk me through my week. I always feel good after our coaching session!"

Son, 12

"This program has changed me. I feel confident and strong. I love myself now, where before I didn’t. I still have work to do, but this program has helped me see it’s possible to love me, to love my life. It’s possible to create the life I want! It’s possible to show up as a more present, kind, and loving wife and mother. I don’t feel weighed down with self loathing or shame anymore. And it all came from inside me. I just needed some help to see it. It’s possible! Julie was real, honest and kind in giving me the tools to create a powerful, meaningful life. I now feel like I can continue the work of creating what I want, with hope for the future."

Mom & Foster Mom

"Before starting the coaching sessions, I felt that all the confidence in myself that I had ever had had been lost… I felt that having arrived in this country had been to be born again, but without believing in myself. And I firmly believe that God put Julie in my path. Julie has helped me to rediscover myself. From the first session, I could see my insecurities, fears, and limiting beliefs. now I have tools that I had never acquired before. No one ever talked to me about managing my emotions. Now I am able to transform my day-to-day negative thoughts into healthier ones and this was a radical change for me!!! I was totally immersed in the role of mother, wife, housewife, and rejoining the work environment made me feel a bit lost without knowing where to start. I was struggling with time management. After that session, I achieved clarity in my projects and set concrete goals. I learned to say NO, because by saying No, I am automatically saying YES to what I really want. It's important and it makes me happy!!! Now I values ​​myself more. I do not punish myself or feel guilty when something does not work. I accept it with love without criticizing myself because I learned to take care of my thoughts. All the sessions were wonderful but I remember one in particular where I was invaded by sadness and fear. Julie showed so much patience and empathy. She showed me a situation that I could not see, it was a great learning experience for me and I was victorious."

Mother & Business Owner

"Getting coached by Julie has been a wonderful experience. I fully trust her to hold space for me when I am a hot mess and my brain is taking me for a loop. She always asks the questions that help me grow and she is never scared of challenging me or going deeper into my thoughts. I always look forward to my sessions with her. I would recommend Julie to anyone looking to grow personally, gain self confidence and find peace and clarity. "

Hélène Logothetis
Language Translator & Weight Loss Coach

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